Every year the full moon rises over Murtoli in July and tells us a new story.
These are voices, some of the most extraordinary on the island that will suddenly rise in the summer night of Murtoli, and make blinking the stars.

This year Jean-Charles Papi will be the guest of honour of this evening out of time... a moment literally suspended where he will express, in a festive musical formation, all his passion for his loved island.

Author, composer, performer, Jean-Charles Papi will present to you that evening a moment inspired by his last show entitled «Essenziali», the fruit of all his meetings and his career. A narrative thread based on his best-known songs and new releases from his album.

His concerts are today characterized by a clever mix of rhythm, energy and sensitivity.
Always in search of communion and sharing with the public, he mixes the Corsican language with contemporary and festive rhythms that make his shows moments of joy and shared emotion…

Discover and listen to Jean-Charles Papi...

Let’s relive this rare moment of the past...

Private show & Dinner : 
100€ (drinks not included) for our in-house guests staying at Domaine de Murtoli
150€ (drinks not included) for other clients

Reservation at +33(0) or by email concierge@murtoli.com