Either at the beach or at the grotto restaurant, let yourself be carried away by the power of the music.
2 places, 2 music style.

Murtoli offers you the opportunity to celebrate music in 2 places for a single evening.

Jean-Charles Papi & Christophe Mondoloni will offer their melodies to the Table de la Grotte for an evening highlighting the Corsican identity, both within the rhythms and in your plate. On the terraces with stunning views, their voices will echo down into the valley and bring back to life the sleeping granite rocks...

Fantastic menu and evening: 120€/pers (drinks excluded)
Preferred rate for our stay guests upon request

Jean-Pierre Marcellesi will make the Table de la Plage his stage for one evening. Inimitable, true saltimbanque singer, living incarnation of the cabaret spirit. Its rhythms will take you throughout the evening and until late... under the stars of Murtoli

Music menu and evening: 120€/pers (drinks excluded)

Rendezvous for a Music Festival of which only Murtoli has the secret.
Information and reservation by phone on +33 (0) 4 95 71 69 24 or by email at concierge@murtoli.com
(booking is mandatory)

Pour (re)découvrir Jean-Charles Papi...

Pour (re)vivre un beau moment offert par Jean-Pierre Marcellesi