THE most iconic summer event at Murtoli

Absolute poetry, instant suspended on the large beach of Murtoli for one of the highlight evenings of the summer.

If there is a moment long awaited, hoped even by our hosts and all Murtoli's connoisseurs, during the summer at the domain, then this is the one! An exceptional evening where the beach is the best setting for a memorable event with classic music reaching the stars in the sky of Murtoli!

The full moon rises behind Roccapina’s point and its iconic lion rock shape, the candles sparkle by thousands on the beach, the sea serving as a metronome... The decor is planted and awaits only you for an evening where emotion will be at its best, associated with the pleasure of the art of living so well served by Murtoli.

Classical private concert on the sand dune of the great Corsican soprano voice Amélie Tatti, who will rise among the stars, followed by a buffet dinner with Mediterranean savors by our chef Laurent Renard, accompanied by our piano soloist.
Discover Amélie Tatti :

Dress code?
This will be the white night not to be missed.

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To remember such one of these beautiful moments:

illustration images only, program being finalized