When the world of the night comes to illuminate Murtoli with its spotlights!

Via Notte, which is doesn't need to be presented longer in Corsica, is one of the most prestigious French clubs, both for its architecture and the variety of its musical styles. Its exceptional programming and its lively but always friendly atmosphere make it a high place of clubbing in Europe.

The whole soul of Via Notte will invest the places where music and conviviality will be gathered. A literal translation of 'welcome to the pleasure ' and an ambiance guaranteed!

Head to the exceptional setting of the Table de la Ferme for a dinner with a gourmet buffet that only Murtoli has the secret.

The Farm restaurant will then open its dancefloor animated by the resident DJ with his great specialty celebrating the 80/90’s. A beautiful night is coming… maybe until the stars fall asleep? It’s up to you!

And if images could finally convince you, here’s what an evening is like when Via Notte invites you to Murtoli...

For reservations, call us at +33(0)495716924 or contact us by email at concierge@murtoli.com