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Domaine de Murtoli life

Estate History

The history of Murtoli gets lost in the mists of time. The name of this crucial site originates from myrtle (Mirto in Italian) and sounds like immortelle.


Murtoli, one big family

Whether you are staying one night, one weekend, one week or more, Murtoli always welcomes you with a smile. You will see this smile on the face of each of the team members - a team that keeps the estate alive.

Discover our villas & shepherds houses

Whether you choose accommodation in our villa estates or shepherds houses, your nights will be calm and quiet and your days sweet and tranquil.
Our stone-built houses are beautifully simplisitic and reminiscent of true 17th century Corsican architecture. Their walls will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Each of them features a unique atmosphere.
Select the one you desire.

Villas & Shepherds houses
Discover the restaurants of Domaine de Murtoli

Murtoli offers a large variety of local products,
coming both from its soil and from the nearby sea. You will savor veal and lamb bred in our farm, fruits and vegetables grown in our garden, olive oil produced in our mill, and freshly caught sea bream (Dorade) and sea urchin.
A thousand and one flavors to discover, cunningly seasoned with the scents of regional Maquis herbs.

The restaurants of our domain
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