Walk through the Corsican wild maquis...

Exclusive program:

Day 1 :

Hike in the maquis and discover the maquis plants, while admiring the undying megalithic stones of Cauria, adjoining the Domaine de Murtoli.

Day 2:

Discovery of the island's natural heritage guided by the nose Stéphane Rogliano through his 'sensory stroll' in the words of this great botanist.

A unique opportunity to explore the local scents and essences and get better acquainted with immortelle, lavander, sky stonecrop, spiny broom, myrtle, cistus, mastic tree, and tree heath…

An emotional and enriching journey punctuated by inspiring stories that you will definitely want to share...
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in the same program:
The untouched beach, countryside, river, and mountains of Murtoli stretching across 2500 hectars. A breathtaking scenery and countless unforgettable hikes!

This program is provided as an example only.
Shepherd's house or estate villa accommodation upon request.
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