Here is the Island of Beauty in all its glory! You will be revealed its lesser known and arguably most stunning facets. One day, the most beautiful flowers of the maquis, an unknown species, and the most perfumed plant. Another day, the lost chapels, an oppidum almost completely destroyed. Another day, the buried frescoes, the 'stantari', their meaning still unknown, the 'casteddu' still standing... and of course the History of the estate, of the life of yesteryear in this Ortolo valley.

Discover first hand this hidden island, both in Murtoli and its surroundings, along with inspiring and passionated guides, from prehistory to the present day, including the Genoese era.

Hike in the maquis and discover the maquis plants, while admiring the undying megalithic stones of Cauria, adjoining the Domaine de Murtoli, while being explained the meanings of the archeology, the architecture, and the history.

The untouched beach, countryside, river, and mountains of Murtoli stretching across 2500 hectars. A breathtaking scenery and countless unforgettable hikes!