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Whether you choose accommodation in our villa estates or shepherds houses, your nights will be calm and quiet and your days sweet and tranquil.
Our stone-built houses are beautifully simplisitic and reminiscent of true 17th century Corsican architecture. Their walls will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Each of them features a unique atmosphere.
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Discover the restaurants of Domaine de Murtoli

Murtoli offers a large variety of local products, coming both from its soil and local producers but also from the nearby sea. You will savor veal and lamb bred in our farm, fruits and vegetables grown in our garden, cheeses from our shepherds, olive oil produced in our mill, and freshly caught sea bream (Dorade) and sea urchin. A resolutely locavore approach where the path between the field and the plate has never been shorter.
A thousand and one flavors to discover, cunningly seasoned with the scents of regional Maquis herbs.

The restaurants of our domain
Activities for the four sasons
« Do as you like »

In Murtoli, everything is proposed but nothing imposed. In the midst of this wonderful 'relax and do nothing' world, there are actually countless activities to keep you busy! Depending on your mood and desires: enjoy treatments in our spa, learn how to ride a horse, discover the maquis plants with your family, fish sea bass and seabream, visit the famous megalithic sites of the island... Or go swimming, sunbathe, and dream away - you are in paradise!

Leisure activities

Here is the paradise

and much more...

As soon as you passed the gate, you have become instantly one of our guests.
Surrounded by nature, it feels like you would face almost Corsica entirely.

Just kindly bear in mind that perfection might not exist exactly as expected even in paradise.

Nature being so beautiful, imperfections could have some charm as well!
• Your tolerance is esteemed whenever ants or mosquitos could be passing by your home without being invited. This might shows a well balanced place.
• Your grasp is much appreciated as well should the Wi-Fi network being interrupted sometimes, this would remind you that you are at the edge of the world.
• Your patience in the morning is cherished should your breakfast delivery be slightly delayed.
Distances could be longer than you can imagine sometimes. Do not worry too much, pastries and fresh flavours of the morning are on their way.
• Being careful at all times when driving on the domain’s trails. Even a light rain could ruin our efforts in maintaining the good conditions of the roads and make them bumpy.
• Thank you for understanding as well that the main entrance of the domain might not be shown with signs as much as you would expect it. Secret should be kept in order to preserve (y)our Eden.

All those recommendations are just a kindly reminder that Murtoli isn’t like anywhere else.
Such a hidden and unspoiled nature comes with a peaceful message first.

An invitation to become oneself more welcoming and feeling different!
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