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DETOX, weight-loss, wellness and fitness retreats. The team of 'La Pensée Sauvage' (literally 'The Wild Thought'), is a French center created by Thomas Uhl specializing in detox and wellness treatments. The highly trained staff of 'La Pensée Sauvage' will use the most advanced care protocols to help customize a personal retreat
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Detox for you and yourself

An individualized cure 100% tailormade and built together, step by step.  More than a privilege, a stay of exception.


Qualified and professional people, mindset, care protocols are there to individualize with you your Detox cure. Coming together : activities after exercises, meals after meals, spa after yoga and gigong.

Information from La Pensée Sauvage, on +33 (0)4 75 44 55 58 or by email: ecrire@lapenseesauvage.com

Different dates to suit you

In order for everyone to find their place, and in view of the success, we have multiplied the opportunities. Here are all the dates available for our cures in the beautiful blooming Corsican Spring: 

Intimate treatments at the Hôtel de la Ferme only:
* April 6-12, 2024
* November 9-15, 2024


Our teams, both from Murtoli & La Pensée Sauvage are at your disposal throughout your stay to make your cure a unique and exceptional event of your life.

Our cures in details

Find the different cures offered. So many ways to feel better, a cure to each!

For more information, visit: La Pensée Sauvage

The Fasting Cure

Fasting is probably one of the oldest approaches to the detox experience.
It consists in abstaining from any food for a few days to allow the body to regenerate, and thus improve its physical and psychic condition. Resting the digestive system offers a real holiday to our body, the essential pillar of detox. It is also and above all a true personal and human adventure.
The fast we offer is accompanied by drinks: water, herbal teas, diluted fruit juices, flavoured waters and vegetable broths.

Cure only available during your stay at the Hôtel de la Ferme

The Smooth Cure

Not feeling ready for fasting or would you like a more vitamin-rich formula? We offer a very gentle and smooth detox treatment.

The cure comes in two formulas:

- The first consists of three vegetable and fresh fruit juices per day. Our juices made with an extractor prevent the intake of fiber that is as close as possible to the benefits of a fasting cure by promoting digestive rest.

- The second is a monodiet based on a single type of food. Many variations are possible depending on the season: from fruits (apples, grapes, melons, cherries, etc.), vegetables (carrots, squash, etc.), or cereals (rice, quinoa, etc.).

The Green Cure

Halfway between the smooth and the greedy detox. Discover an exclusively vegetal diet, composed of fresh organic foods and seasons. Each meal is a sensory exploration of the vegetables for the pleasure of the senses and your well-being. A strong and unique moment to experience generating the desire to take care of oneself on a long term approach.

In addition, discover all our secrets during the cooking workshops carried out by our chefs in order to continue at home easily.

The Gourmet & Greedy Cure

A generous cure that allows you to discover another way to feed yourself, without ever cutting on pleasure.

You will discover at each meal a real healthy and tasty gastronomy, composed of fresh organic foods and seasons with cereals, pulses and dessert.

The recipes developed by our chefs respect our detox principles and are entirely vegan.

Practical information - treatment process

All activities included in the program or treatments (not included) shall be discussed beforehand with our partner 'La Pensée Sauvage'.

Information – Course of Treatment (fasting detox, soft, green  or gourmet retreat):
in order to understand your expectations and to accordingly customize your course of treatment, a consultation will be conducted beforehand by our team with an online meeting or by phone.
All guests will receive a pre-retreat guide along with a vitality report that will help us draw up a customized assistance program at the end of their stay.

On site, you will enjoy a tailor-made program including mindfulness training, hiking, treatments, cooking workshops, conferences, and last but not least an evening lulled by Corsican tales and songs.

Our Rates (price per person):

cure 7 days/6 nights
Room PETRA NERA4 000 €4 500 €5 000 €5 500 €
Premium Room
4 500 €5 000 €5 500 €6 000 €
Suite CATARELLA5 000 €5 500 €6 000 €6 500 €
Suite TOIA5 500 €6 000 €6 500 €7 000 €
Suite VADINELLA6 000 €6 500 €7 000 €7 500 €
Suite AQUEDDA6 500 €7 000 €7 500 €8 000 €
Suite MURTOLI6 500 €7 000 €7 500 €8 000 €

cure 6 days/5 nights
3500 €4000 €4500 €
4000€4500€5000 €

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