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Activities for the four sasons
« Do as you like »

In Murtoli, everything is proposed but nothing imposed. In the midst of this wonderful 'relax and do nothing' world, there are actually countless activities to keep you busy! Depending on your mood and desires: enjoy treatments in our spa, learn how to ride a horse, discover the maquis plants with your family, fish sea bass and seabream, visit the famous megalithic sites of the island... Or go swimming, sunbathe, and dream away - you are in paradise!

Murtoli Golf links

A lovely Golf course
that looks like no other

Which is precisely why the rules are different in Murtoli.
A course shaped by the whims of nature.
Classic golf courses and golf carts lovers, be warned!
In Murtoli, one must like to be surprised, or simply give up!



A summer rendez-vous that our guests look forward to. Our carefully designed beach is exclusively accessible to our guests and comes along with all the care and attention that one can desire. Lounge chairs and armchairs made of driftwood, you will enjoy each moment spent with us. From dawn to dusk, the beach of Murtoli is a live performance.



Summertime relaxation in the outdoor beach spa, hidden behind flower groves, consists of massages and treatments in natural vegetal rooms.
Off-season spa treatments are provided in a dedicated room located in the Farm dwelling. Welcome to a place of beauty and serenity. Maquis and immortelle essential oils massages and other beauty rituals.
Murtoli Spa uses Nucca products, a 100% natural care line featuring locally sourced natural premium ingredients, authentic and highly beneficial for health.


Horseback Riding

The meadows, maquis paths, woodland shrubs, and seaside... Close to the Estate, The Horse Riding School Fior di Lezza offers a thousand trails ideal for horseback riding. Whether your are a seasoned rider or a beginner, you will enjoy breathtaking landscapes. Ponies and horses both live in the valley. Recreational activities and rides can be specially designed for children. 



As far as one can remember, the Domain has always been a fusion of the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, and the world of the sea. This overwhelming green valley is highlighted by intense hues of blue and offers botanical and geological excursions and boat rides. The trilogy of life reveals itself before you. It is essential to explore these three life-harbouring elements in Murtoli and we highly recommend you do so through the many excusions we offer!



The Domaine de Murtoli is located at the southernmost point of Corsica. A river runs across the 2,500 hectars estate and stretches across a 10 km coastline with rocks and beautiful beaches. Its exceptional location makes it the ideal spot for all kinds of fishing techniques: inshore fishing, trolling, offshore fishing.


Art de Vivre

Murtoli is a permanent invitation to discover the Corsican art of living, ranging from our sense of hospitality, to the moments shared around gastronomy and wine, including all the details that make life in Corsica so special.

Discover our villas & shepherds houses

Whether you choose accommodation in our villa estates or shepherds houses, your nights will be calm and quiet and your days sweet and tranquil.
Our stone-built houses are beautifully simplisitic and reminiscent of true 17th century Corsican architecture. Their walls will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Each of them features a unique atmosphere.
Select the one you desire.

Villas & Shepherds houses
Discover the restaurants of Domaine de Murtoli

Murtoli offers a large variety of local products, coming both from its soil and local producers but also from the nearby sea. You will savor veal and lamb bred in our farm, fruits and vegetables grown in our garden, cheeses from our shepherds, olive oil produced in our mill, and freshly caught sea bream (Dorade) and sea urchin. A resolutely locavore approach where the path between the field and the plate has never been shorter.
A thousand and one flavors to discover, cunningly seasoned with the scents of regional Maquis herbs.

The restaurants of our domain
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